Once upon a time, at the edge of a big city, was a little village where two little boys lived. One more little than the other but that's another story altogether. Their names were Jack. & Eric.

Jack & Eric's parents came from another land, a land where all the moms could cook really well without even trying hard. Soon the little village boasted the best restaurants for many mi1es around. It was called "Oranjagrove".

Jack & Eric weren't very good at school and instead of mixing chemicals at the back of the scienee class, they dreamt of owning a "little place" where people could come and eat really good food and have fun with their family and friends.

The two little boys became two big boys, one bigger than the other, but that too, is another story. The promise that they made at the back of the class became a reality when they heard of this great city by the sea, this faraway land known as the Mother City.

In this city was a little village by the sea, it was coiled "Sea Point". Go Figure! It was there where they found their "little place" where there were angels and prophets painted on the walls and a Princess ran the kitchen.
That's how the story began....

Fast forward a very quick 12 years. The two "big boys" met a new "little boy" who also came from the same faraway land as their parents. Samuele had come from the island of Sardines to the Mother City for a "little African adventure". He had so much fun working there though that he decided to open up his own "little place". This made the "big boys" very happy because this "little boy" reminded them of themselves when they found their "little place" in the Mother City. Samuele found his own little place in a small bay surrounded by hout. It was called Hout Bay. Go figure!!
There the "little" boy carried on the story of the "little place" and the story continues...

Welcome to our "little place" - POSTICINO